Bitcoin Ambassadors Rally 8,000km for BTC: Honk if you Love it!

• Bitcoin Ambassadors rally car adventure is competing in the 8,000-kilometer Baltic Sea Circle Rally race.
• The team aims to “bring Bitcoin to the people” while also raising money for two sources: a Panamanian coffee farmer and a Salvadoran peer-to-peer ride-sharing app developed on the Lightning Network.
• Passersby and overtakers can scan the QR code on the side of the car to receive free satoshis, or small amounts of Bitcoin, to get started on their Bitcoin journey.

Lightning Takes The Wheel Of A European Rally Car Adventure

The “Bitcoin Ambassadors” team is taking part in an 8,000 Kilometer rally across Northern Europe – adorned with their sponsored bitcoin car. The goal is to promote bitcoin adoption at every campsite they pass along their route.

Raising Money For Two Sources

This isn’t just for fun though; this rally has a charitable cause! They are raising money for a Panamanian coffee farmer and Salvadoran peer-to-peer ride-sharing app built on the Lightning Network.

Orange Pilling Along The Way

On top of giving away free satoshis through their QR code on the car, they have been introducing people to bitcoin whenever they can – ‘orange pilling’ as it’s known in crypto circles. So far they have discussed bitcoin with over 30 people during their journey!

A Comically Loud Horn

This isn’t your ordinary race either; each campsite they visit is filled with candy machines, jukeboxes playing Mozart and metal music – all accompanied by their comically loud horn!

Spreading Crypto Adoption

All in all, this rally looks like it’s doing great things for spreading crypto adoption. We wish Cercatrova and Daktari lots of luck during their mission!

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