Crypto’s Top 100: Meet Alex Gluchowski, Cathie Wood and More!

• Cointelegraph has released its annual Top 100 list on Feb 8, ranking the most impactful heroes and villains in the crypto space for 2023.
• So far, Cointelegraph has released numbers 81–90 and 71-80 which include entrepreneurs, pseudonymous players and energy-sensitive concepts.
• Alex Gluchowski of Matter Labs, Hashcash inventor Adam Back of Blockstream are some of the featured names in the list.

Cointelegraph’s 2023 Top 100 List

On Feb 8th, Cointelegraph released its annual Top 100 list of the most impactful heroes and villains for 2023. The list is being released in batches of 10, counting down the top players in the crypto space based on their actions and headlines in 2022 and their expected impact for 2023.

Revealed So Far: Rankings 81–90

The first batch started at the bottom of the list with figures such as BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes and tennis star Maria Sharapova. Cointelegraph unveiled rankings 81–90 on Feb 9th which include entrepreneurs Gary Vaynerchuk and Immunefi founder Mitchell Amador. Even pseudonymous players are featured, with The Crypto Dog taking spot No. 83, and some of the profiles are ideas or technologies such as green tokens ranked No. 86.

Revealed Today: Rankings 71–80

Cointelegraph drew back the curtain on rankings 71–80 today revealing names such as Alex Gluchowski CEO of Matter Labs who had a Series C funding round that raised $200 million in 2022 taking spot no 77th on this list while Hashcash inventor Adam Back came in at no 74th position who is also CEO Blockstream which set out with Block to construct a Bitcoin mine fueled by battery and solar energy .

Mostly New Faces Featured This Year

Compared with Cointelegraph’s 2022 Top 100 compilation, this year’s installment primarily features new faces for readers to learn about from across various sectors related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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